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A Guaranteed 3-step process to combat WORRY

According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, WORRY means a "mental distress or agitation resulting from concern usually for something impending or anticipated" Worry is associated with thinking thoughts that are laced with negative things happening. As I was writing these things down, I asked myself - what does God's word say about worry and I looked into Philippians 4: 6-8. That's where the next three steps to dealing with worry come from.

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Unmask your Beauty | 10 lessons on Self-discovery and Transformation

Hi and welcome back. How are you really doing? I actually want to know. Leave me a comment or you can email me ( if you wanna talk further This week, I want to share some lessons from a book I read recently -Unmask your beauty by Adedoyin Omotara. You can find the book here… Continue reading Unmask your Beauty | 10 lessons on Self-discovery and Transformation

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Building A Growth Mindset |5 helpful practices

Last week, I shared about my dealings with the fixed and growth mindset plus why I started working towards the growth mindset. Simply put, a growth mindset enables you grow and get better while a fixed mindset keeps you stuck and unable to push yourself. In this post, I'd share in more details five practices to help you commit to your growth.

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Growth or Fixed Mindset? || 2021

According to Carol Dweck, people with the fixed mindset believe that intelligence is set in stone, would rather not expose their weaknesses and definitely avoid any challenges. People with the growth mindset on the other hand, believe that intelligence or smartness can be cultivated and see difficulties as learning opportunities.

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World Sexual Purity Day -2020 Nov 14

I made a video on Sexual Purity to commemorate World Sexual Purity Day for year 2020. I an here to encourage young Christian adults that you are not alone on this journey. I see you, I understand the struggle and best believe that God does too. He has called us to a journey of purity… Continue reading World Sexual Purity Day -2020 Nov 14

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It’s a new DECADE: Resources 2019 (Final – Part 3)

Songs I listened to a lot New wine by Hillsong WorshipImole De by Dunsin OyekanOpen up by Dunsin OyekanToya Eze by Tim GodfreyThe King is coming: Nathaniel BasseyAwamaridi: Nathaniel bassey, Tomi favored, Tope AlabiThe Ultimate: Phil ThompsonYou ransomed me: Phil ThompsonBreathe: Dunsin OyekanNa your way: Nosa ft Mairo EseEgbega by TolucciOba lori aye by GratitudeExcess… Continue reading It’s a new DECADE: Resources 2019 (Final – Part 3)

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My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16

Hello Dear ******(insert your name) As am typing this incident,I am just laughing at myself. What were we thinking then???! So this one time in secondary school, one beautiful Saturday afternoon like that. We had finished eating lunch in the dining room and were now resting in the hostel and oh boy it was so… Continue reading My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16

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Wisdom Nuggets for your FRIDAY #September30blogposts #post13

Yo! Someone likes to crush on worship leaders o! Today it's Nathaniel Bassey...ghen ghen. I am smiling ear to ear like (you can fill in the gap) but his babe is lucky o I won't even lie. I just find Pastor Nat so funny and he has so much wisdom, I just have to lean… Continue reading Wisdom Nuggets for your FRIDAY #September30blogposts #post13

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IDENTITY…JESUS LOVES YOU #September30blogposts #post12

Hello, Hope everyone's day went well? In the spirit of IDENTITY (See poster again - Tommorow 6-9pm is worship night). I am doing a reflection post tonight. Itzz a reminiscing solmetin! (you can guess whose voice) I remember when I sought  identity in the mundane things of this world I remember when the number of… Continue reading IDENTITY…JESUS LOVES YOU #September30blogposts #post12

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Help Me: I want to read! #September30blogposts #post11

I'm sure you are like what's the deal here??! Thank you for stopping by again. Has anyone else noticed that the reading culture is dying? It's just sad... (Does anyone know where to get the left behind series). I have a lot of books to read outside school books and I really never find the… Continue reading Help Me: I want to read! #September30blogposts #post11

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Christian Music rant #September30blogposts #post6

Hey, So I'm just thinking about gospel ministers and the music we make or should I say they make. These days, I am just confused with the songs I hear and it seems we are losing something in the christian community. You will see people with amazing voices­, great instrumentals, in fact solidly packaged people… Continue reading Christian Music rant #September30blogposts #post6


49 Random Questions Blogger Tag #September30blogposts #post4

Hey guys, Nothing serious today. I am just answering random questions. This is called the 49 Random Questions Tag. Alright, let’s get the party started, shall we? What is your longest friend's name?  Shout out to Tomisin Moronkola!! Our childhood rocked oo. Can't forget all the Indomie and plantain. God bless Mumsie. Who would you throw into… Continue reading 49 Random Questions Blogger Tag #September30blogposts #post4


September is HERE. #September30daybloggingchallenge Day1

Hey Guys 🙂 It's September and it's me, my aunt's and my cousin's birth month(last day, somewhat middle and first day respectively) and my parent's anniversary month too and I am going to be blogging for 30 days straight (inspired by Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo). Check out Do follow me on this journey. This is basically… Continue reading September is HERE. #September30daybloggingchallenge Day1