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My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16

Hello Dear ******(insert your name) As am typing this incident,I am just laughing at myself. What were we thinking then???! So this one time in secondary school, one beautiful Saturday afternoon like that. We had finished eating lunch in the dining room and were now resting in the hostel and oh boy it was so… Continue reading My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16

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IDENTITY…JESUS LOVES YOU #September30blogposts #post12

Hello, Hope everyone's day went well? In the spirit of IDENTITY (See poster again - Tommorow 6-9pm is worship night). I am doing a reflection post tonight. Itzz a reminiscing solmetin! (you can guess whose voice) I remember when I sought ¬†identity in the mundane things of this world I remember when the number of… Continue reading IDENTITY…JESUS LOVES YOU #September30blogposts #post12

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Help Me: I want to read! #September30blogposts #post11

I'm sure you are like what's the deal here??! Thank you for stopping by again. Has anyone else noticed that the reading culture is dying? It's just sad... (Does anyone know where to get the left behind series). I have a lot of books to read outside school books and I really never find the… Continue reading Help Me: I want to read! #September30blogposts #post11