Been A While


It has been such a long while I have written on here. I did write a couple posts on medium for a publication, you can check it out here https://medium.com/the-retrospective-voices

How are you doing? How is life generally ‘cos on my end life has been seriously life’ing. Let’s just say I have been pondering a lot about life’s meaning and a couple things I might share or not share later on as things unfold.

Anyhoo I just thought to check in. I also fell off the bandwagon sending monthly emails to those on my mailing list so I hope some people from there read this post and know that I didn’t mean to cut off – I just have been needing time off media et al.

Well till I write to you again, take it one day at a time. You will figure it out. If all you have to do is show up with the 5% you’ve got, that’s enough!

Talk to you later

Dimples 🙂

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