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20 Reflection Questions to ask Yourself this year!

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I recently wrote on medium for a publication about the art of reflecting and why it is important. Please see the link here. It will provide more context to these questions.

I am a big advocate for spending time with yourself to reflect and introspect as well as get feedback from other people. I love this quote by M. Wheatley.

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

Margaret J. Wheatley

I believe reflection helps us evaluate what should start, what should be sustained and what needs to stop as we evolve into better versions of ourselves.

Note: you can switch the ‘you’ in the questions to ‘I’, to make it more personal

1. Are you happy with where you are at. Why or why not?

    – Career/School/Business

    – Spiritually

    – Relationship-wise etc.

2. What do you desire to change about current happenings in your life?

3. If you die now would you say that you have lived well?

4. What really is the life of your dreams? Picture a whole full day in the life of your dreams, what steps can you take now to get you there?

5. If you had no limitation, no fear of the unknown and you got a yes to all your requests what would you like to accomplish?

6. What about your aspirations scare you? Why do they scare you?

7. What is really in your heart to do? What pain points do you feel? What triggers you when you watch or hear the news or from people’s experiences? What makes you light up?

8. How can you foster better connections with your spouse, significant other, children, extended family and friends?

9. Who do you want to keep close around you because the relationship brings value to you both?

10. Who are your firefighters? What relationships are draining you? How can you curtail those?

11. How can you be better organized and manage your time so you are accomplishing objectives important to you not just keeping busy fruitlessly?

12. What is your financial goal- exact amount in 6 months. Why do you want more money? How can you make more money?

13. What do you love about yourself?

14. What three things are really important to you in this current phase of your life? What goals would you be really proud to accomplish in the the next three to four months?

15. What is God’s purpose for you in this season of your life? What words keep coming back to you? What scriptures keep getting highlighted? What pictures keep showing up in your mind?

16. How can you create a system that makes you feel in control of some outcomes in my life? (not neglecting that God is still over all)

17. What is in your self-care tool kit? How are you coping with stressors in your life?

18. Where/What/Who is your happy place? Are you creating time for these things?

19. What values do you hold dear and how are you upholding them in your everyday life?

20. Are you authentically yourself? Or are you living someone else’s dream/life? How can you hone in on the authentic you?

These are good starter questions if you are unsure of how to go about reflecting.

Let me know if they help and if you want to share your answers, you can email me on

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