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One Thing is Needful

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Happy New Month. Welcome to February and I pray that all that you set out to accomplish this month is brought to fruition by God’s hands. I pray you are ushered into more depths in Christ and that your faith grows stronger and deeper in Him.

Happy New Month

Today, I want to share on some verse I have been pondering on recently : Luke 10 : 38-42

The verses focus on Martha and her sister Mary whom Jesus had visited while in the city. Martha was recorded as the one who took Jesus in and as a great host she was getting things ready to make Jesus comfortable and feel at home. Mary on the other hand was at Jesus’ feet and listening to all He had to say. Martha frustrated and burdened with the work she had to do to serve Jesus, mentioned to Jesus that isn’t He bothered about Mary not helping with things to do. Here is Jesus’ response to Martha;

Martha, Martha thou art careful and troubled about many things: but one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her

Luke 10: 41b-42 KJV

These are the thoughts on my mind as it relates to this verse;

  1. Am I replacing intimate time with Jesus under the excuse of doing things I believe He will have me do – so practically this looks like spending more time on editing YouTube videos, or leading a program, so much so that I am encumbered by it and have little to no time of sitting with God?
  2. Only One Thing is actually needful – necessary, imperative, required, and that is to hear God’s word. Whilst serving and doing things for God is great, He is more concerned with us knowing His heart and being powered by our Intimacy with Him for the activities He calls us to.

My take-home for us based on these thoughts are ; In our lives this month, how can you and I create time for what is needful i.e spending time with Jesus and prioritizing Him. For me, one of the things I intend to do is be more disciplined in the area of not picking up my phone first thing in the morning but taking the moment before any influx of ideas from other people, to be still before God.

Share with me what you would adjust to help you do that which is NEEDFUL in the comments. And any other thing you have been learning in scripture

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