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New Year Resolutions

Hey Temidimples Readers,

Happy Happy New Year!

I wrote about how a new week, new month, new year seems to hold this refreshing hope. I shared how you can ride on the wave of newness in that blogpost. I think you should read it again HERE

My thoughts to you as we start 2022 is to PACE yourself. If you have not completed setting your goals, you are not behind. You might still need more time to reflect on the past year. I created a template that can help guide you as you recap the last year ( I believe doing this will help you with planning your goals for year 2022.

I do not want you to feel PRESSURE when you see others share their big visions or goals. Remember it’s you against you and PACE yourself.

If you feel like you don’t want to get into the frenzy of creating goals because you aren’t sure if you will achieve them, I have a video coming up for you on my YouTube channel on setting more effective goals – Be sure to subscribe by clicking this link – so you know when it drops.

Before I stop typing, I hope to share with you on here biweekly at least. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can get new posts directly into your inbox. I would love to interact with you more so please leave me comments or write to me –

I truly wish you a beautiful, joy-filled year ahead!

Happy New Year Again,


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