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The Concept of White Space and Why it is Beneficial.

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Welcome back again! I missed writing to you last week. Today I want to share a concept in self-leadership/personal and emotional mastery. So let’s get into this post. What then is white space?

According to Ku who wrote the article titled, “why is white space important” explaining the concept of white space in design;

White space, also called ‘Negative space’, is an active design element. This is part of the design which is left unmarked, e.g. margins, space between columns, lines of type or images. We use it to bring more attention to different elements of the design, to make readability easier and more effective and to set the tone of voice of the product (pure aesthetics).

(Kamil Ku, 2017) –
glasses focus background wooden – stock image

In summary, white space refers to the empty area around words and elements in a design that allows readers pay attention to the words or certain elements.

Okay let’s think about the designs or spaces that call your attention? What stands out about them? Well spaced out? Concise sentences? Yes? That is the white space effect. So how can you use this in your life?

White space is the time we intentionally create in our busy schedules to pause and be quiet. This is not down-time to reply messages or emails. It is the time you step back from any activity, pick a thought and mull over it. White space is the time we create to meditate on some of what we are learning or the happenings in our lives. This is the time you breathe and unplug and we do not have to wait till we burn-out before we create time for white spaces in our lives. Simply put by Kyle Seagraves in another article, white space is the strategic moment of rest and relaxation that will bring you more peace and productivity.

White space is the strategic moment of rest and relaxation that will bring you more peace and productivity.

Kyle Seagraves, 2018

Here are 5 reasons incorporating white spaces regularly into your schedule is beneficial

  1. There is room to breathe – A lot of times we have things planned back to back in our day-to-day activities and we barely have time to pause. Intentionally scheduling white spaces helps us plan to breathe and pause in between different activities.
  2. Helps you focus – Now with white space you have time away from the noise and distractions of your phone or the TV and to focus on just one activity that does not cause you stress.
  3. Boosts your creativity– White space offers you the atmosphere to also power your creative juices. You are decluttered and just narrowing your thoughts to one or two things.
  4. Clarity– The solitude lets you hear your thoughts loud and clear. You can have conversations with yourself during your white space time and journal as you ponder on things.
  5. Less chance of burnout – because you intentionally create time for rest regularly, chances are high that your rate of burnout will be significantly decreased and you can even take this concept wider by scheduling vacations versus waiting till you are burnt out before finding time to recuperate.

Hope this helps you understand why white spaces are important. Next post, I will share how to incorporate white spaces into your schedule and we would do a challenge to help us with this. Are you in?

Till I write to you again,

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