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It is OKAY to not to be Okay

Hi dear,

How has your week been? Mine has been a roller coaster of emotions with undulating waves of absolute joy and sadness. I know right, a little odd but who said life would be a smooth sail?

I particularly do not have the words today, so I am just writing on here as an outlet. (the irony right?)

How do we know God is good?

How are we sure that we really believe what we claim to believe?

How do we handle rejection, pain and disappointment?

How do you know that in all situations you will still praise God?

How do you worship or praise with a heavy heart?

You’d be tested. Your foundation will be revealed. The wind will blow in your direction, and you’d know if you are on the sands or the solid ground. It won’t be fun. You will have a lot of why questions. You will break down and ask did I not pray enough? Did I not fast enough? Am I not good enough?

In this moment, you start to realize that (even when it does not feel like it) that Jesus is enough.

Scripture tells us that “in the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world” John 16:33b

In this moment, you might find it hard to pray. I have found it difficult and I find that currently a particular song uplifts my mood (Believe for It by Cece Winans). It is also okay to voice your feelings to God however way. Also add in the question – Lord what do you want me to learn in this situation and help me learn it.

Doubt and worry will creep in but here is something from church that spoke to me and I’d like to share;

Don’t be intimidated by what the devil can do, be encouraged by what God is capable of doing

That being said, you will probably fluctuate a lot between what God’s word says and how you are actually feeling/acting and I am just going to end on this note – It is totally okay not to be okay. You are human.

Have a good week!


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