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Blogposts Recap

Hi You! My dear reader. How are you really doing??

Today I am just going to do a quick highlights of blogposts since year 2020 that I think you can catch up on and really learn from. In no particular order;


  1. The Last Quarter of 2020 – This blogpost shares a reflective exercise to help you evaluate the year so far and plan for the remaining days of the year. Also touches on the 90-day rule.
  2. Building the growth mindset – A summary on Carol Dweck’s research on growth and the fixed mindset plus 5 ways to build a growth mindset that empowers you to see and embrace learning opportunities rather than run away from them.
  3. My productivity hacks – Helpful tips to boosting your productivity. Very helpful tips I love them and they work for me so well!


4. Wonder Woman and God’s love : How the movie – Wonder Woman drove home a lesson about God’s love for me and you! I love when movies or an analogy buttresses a message about who God is.

5. GOD is NOT MAD at YOU : This is one of my all-time favorites because whenever I re-read it I remember how timely this reminder was. You should read the full post to get the gist. God is not mad at you, so come back home

6. Change your Perspective: I was having a conversation with a friend and the story of Joseph came up, what an interesting perspective. A reminder that all things work together for our good and a charge to look on the bright side.

7. Struggling with prayer? – I share how I set myself up to pray especially when I do not feel like it. This is definitely one post I continue to fall back on. You’d love it


8. Lessons from the life of Ibidunni Ighodalo : Ibidunni Ighodalo of blessed memory inspired so many people even in death. Her legacy is one of great repute. I share the lessons I could glean from stories shared about her. She definitely lived a life of impact and had so much love to give.

9. This Thing called PURPOSE : I share 5 of my thoughts on the subject of PURPOSE. You know I am all for living purposefully and intentionally

10. Clarity Quest – This blogpost speaks to me every time I read it (almost all if not all my blogposts do that). Anyhoo, I share things to keep in mind as we embark on discovering more about ourselves and life’s journey. I highly recommend this post if you feel stuck or overwhelmed about your current demands.

How can I end this without a bonus haha. Check out this one – UNMASK YOUR BEAUTY contains lessons on self-development and transformation from the book Unmask your beauty.

Till next time when I write to you again;

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