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Change Your Perspective.

Hey there!

Been a while again (I think I have used this phrase quite a lot this year). I am hoping to do better for the rest of the year and show up here at least twice a month. September is my birth month and 30th is the day, so please add it to your calendar. I am here to be celebrated – give me my flowers while I am here 🙂

Today’s post is about a conversation I had recently with someone. We were talking about our favorite bible characters and this person was sharing about Joseph and they put it this way – Joseph’s story is one with a lot of twists and turns which needed to happen to get him to where he’d be as prime minister and help the world with the famine that was about to hit (paraphrased). So for those who are not familiar with the story, here is a summary;

Joseph had a dream where his family members bowed down to him; his elder brothers and his parents. His family did not really take to this dream also he was his father’s favorite and they were jealous. His brothers then sold him as a slave. He was wrongly accused at his boss’s place and thrown in prison. All these while, Joseph kept finding favor in these odd places. Eventually, he was invited by the king to come interpret a dream which led him to becoming a prime minister (Full story in Genesis 37-50). Later on as the story plays out, his brothers came to buy food from Egypt due to the famine and eventually bowed down to him as prime minister. So yes, his dream got fulfilled but the journey there wasn’t the most pleasant.

His journey to becoming the second in command in Egypt was filled with hurts, betrayals and if I was Joseph I would be asking God why me please? Here is the shocker; Joseph easily let this go when he saw his brothers. He basically told them I know you meant this for evil but God worked it out for our good, I am not holding this against you and further goes on to set up a place for them in Egypt. Haha I doubt if that would be me now but I trust Jesus is working on me lol. Joseph could have consistently blamed his brothers, guilt-tripped them even and rightly so, but he chose to see God’s sovereignty. Here is how this person put the lesson they learned from that;

“I want to look back and see the hand of God, not the pain, hurt and frustrations of men along the way. I want to look for God in all my circumstances and be obsessed with Him”

The words above have replayed in my mind over and over again. Personally for me this year has come up with disappointment(s) that I did not anticipate and prayers I thought the manifestation would be here by now. I’d occasionally rehearse the hurt and tell God to just stay at that corner because I didn’t know why this happened to me. With this conversation, I was able to look again at Joseph’s life, through his lens and I thought to myself, I can actually look at the way things have turned out in a different light. Knowing that somehow God would work the hurt, the delay, the current unpleasant situations, in my favor and it will be woven together to form a beautiful story.

That’s my encouragement for you this week. To change your perspective, to trust God’s sovereignty and end your squabble or malice with God. He is committed to you and that which He has spoken concerning you will come to pass.

It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

Isaiah 55 vs 11 NLT

I will leave you with this song – Always Good by Bethel Music.

You meet me on the mountain top
You see in me in the valley low
There is no home without You here

I find You in the crowded thoughts
You quiet all the question marks
There is no space Your love won’t fill

I’ll trade all my fear for peace of mind
All my heaviness for burdens light

This will be my song
That You are always good
I’ll sing it all day long
That You are always good
When the day is through
I am left with
You are always
You are always good

With Love,


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