This Thing Called “Purpose”


It’s been on my mind to write to you and it’s been hard to piece my words together. (first draft)

I asked a question, some weeks back on IG, “what does PURPOSE mean to you?”

I had answers along the lines of intentional living, the reason God created them, eternal life.

The Oxford dictionary defines purpose as the reason something exists. The intention and the aim of something.

I find that yes at some point, you start asking why am I alive? Why am I here? And this usually feels like such a big task especially when you hear of people doing globally acclaimed things. I am just going to share some of my thoughts related to the PURPOSE talk:

  1. Do not limit purpose to a platform: You do not have to wait till you launch a product, start a blog, start a YouTube channel to say you are fulfilling purpose. I believe fulfilling the reason you are here is bigger than getting a platform to speak on or to voice your opinion. It can certainly include the platforms but it is not limited to that.
  2. Purpose is your everyday life: Everyday is an opportunity to be a blessing and do something that really counts and makes you fulfilled. The colleague at work, the store attendant, the person standing next to you at the bus station all get to experience you not just IG followers, remember that.
  3. Purpose points you to others: Service! Service! Service! This definitely has to be a motto for a purposeful life. By serving others in whatever little capacity – by giving your time, money, voice, energy, the list is endless, you are well on your journey of purposeful living. Whilst at the life of service, always check that your motive remains pure.
  4. Purpose is progressive: This for me is that you almost never feel like you arrive at a purpose point. You realize discovering all there is to you as placed by God is a progressive journey and not a destination. Remember the scripture Ps 119: 105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. As more light sheds on your path, you see more of what your life entails.
  5. Purpose is best revealed by the Owner/Creator: To genuinely state that a thing has fulfilled purpose means whoever made or owns the thing sees that that thing accomplishes the reason it was created. If we as humans are created by God, then staying and sticking with God is the best way to ensure we are walking in purpose. So keep asking Him and listening to the thoughts He drops in your heart.

Share your thoughts and lessons with me in the comments.

Thank you for reading.


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