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What to do if you feel unsupported || Support systems

Support systems do not ALWAYS have to be mushy mushy, lovey-dovey, gummy-gooey, bestfriend type of relationships. I didn’t think so too until I heard it at Activation intensive hosted by Immerse Inner circle.

I have had thoughts like person A did not ask me to do xyz for them, do they not believe in me? or Person B did not repost this link, they are not supportive but that is not always the case.

I have compiled a list of things I think can help you as you journey through support systems. Here goes;

  1. Support systems do not have to be closest friends relationship all the time. I do believe close friend that is not support system is that one close friend? but overall you can have support from people that are not necessarily gum body friendships.
  2. Your close friends do not equate to target audience neither does target audience mean close friends. They might not be passionate about your message as you are and that is okay.
  3. This entitlement thing, stopeeet! If your expectations are not being met, adjust your expectation because that one is within your locus of control.
  4. Stop using reposts to judge who is supportive. There are other supportive ways, word of mouth, a comment, constructive feedback, shout-outs, look for those ways and appreciate them.
  5. Tell your close friends how you want to be supported. For example, please Tola can you share this on your status.
  6. You that you are not supporting by any means, see me after this blogpost. What is your reason? Address that.
  7. Lastly, please support yourself, by yourself, for yourself, with yourself. Be your biggest cheerleader

Hope this helps


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