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“Blood is Thicker than Marriage Certificate” | #TwitterBants

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This week, I am bringing you gist from Twitter.

So earlier this week, there was this tweet by @aproko_doctor stating that your wife is your priority and comes before any one else when you are married. There were quite some interesting comments under the tweet. I will highlight two responses and give my thoughts on this.

Comment 1 actually is my title. Someone said blood is thicker than marriage certificate, so NO, they disagree with the statement of the wife being a priority. Comment 2 included words along the line of on top someone that you might still divorce.

Wowww! Me I was shocked o, what exactly do people think marriage is?

So let’s clear the air. I do think that your spouse is the most important person and priority in your life.

First, I want to say that your wife being priority does not equate not valuing or respecting or loving other members of your family. That’s not it! With vows in marriage, you leave to cleave and you become one with your spouse.

“For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. 32This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

Ephesians 5 vs 32-33 KJV

The verse above even goes further to compare “marriage” with the relationship between “Christ and the Church.”

The first time I heard someone point that out, I was like that’s the strongest level of commitment considering how Christ loves the Church enough to give Himself for us.

For the other comment, I get that divorce can happen but going into your marriage with that mindset already sounds like you giving up the fight before entering the ring. Marriage is 100-100! With most of the resources I interact with, I majorly see that it is forgiving in advance, outdoing one another in showing honour and love if you will build a great marriage. Basically if your spouse gives level 2 today, you give level 5. If he or she goes up to Level 10 or you know what?, they even decide to stay in level 5, you top it up with Level 20 and so on. There is such a degree of selflessness you’d certainly need in your marriage and it is even best for you two when you both get it!

Lol let me stop here as I am not even a marriage counsellor.

I was just really surprised that someone thought it was a wise statement to say that “Blood is thicker than marriage certificate” in defiance to the statement that a person’s spouse should be priority. So marriage is only paper to them? Haaa (inserts what do you think Holy Consummation means? *SELAH*). I am here for you – young Christian, I hope this is not what you think. Check out Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and JackieTalks (Mrs Jacqueline Oludimu) if you need marriage/relationship resources.

Let me close out with, a number of times we have formed notions about certain things from personal experience, experiences of others and even movies. I want to say that if you find something conflicts a lot with your foundational belief as a Christian and you struggle with it, find time to sit before God and ask Him to teach you. Then find resources and read what God’s word says about the situation. To give context/example, if you don’t believe in miracles again because you’ve seen a number of fake ones but then it comes to your mind sometimes that but Jesus performed miracles, then sit down with the word, be honest about how you feel concerning miracles and ask God to teach you then go on to study about this.

As I type this, I am reminded of something that I am supposed to do myself.

Well, that is the read from me this week.

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on ““Blood is Thicker than Marriage Certificate” | #TwitterBants”

  1. So I think the Dr is right and your explanation that priority does not equate to lack of honor or respect sums it all up in explaining what most people need to get. Marriage is a whole lot of things that relationship with people even by blood isn’t , so it’s best not to compare it with anything . Beautiful write up as usual. Welldone girl

  2. Hmmm…well you struck the balance. You giving priority to your spouse doesn’t equate to you devaluing your parents, siblings and other persons. Just in the same way we shouldn’t let anyone take the place of God in our lives. It’s just putting first things first. I like the post, precise and meaningful!

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