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What I learned from the Cold winter | T-baby froze!

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Okay let me get into the gist of this post. But really hope you don’t take my how are you questions as regular. Please email me: if you’d like to share what’s really going on.

Guess what?

T-baby froze!!

Read on to find out who (what) is T-baby?

So, a brief overview if you do not live in the cold parts of the world is that when the weather gets really cold, it is important to plug your car in to an electric source or to warm it consistently throughout the day. This includes waking up at wee hours to start your car if you have a remote starter or to physically go out and ‘warm’ your car.

The first day of the cold wave, my roommate had gone out, and bought a block heater cable. I watched her and did not do anything or even think to do likewise. I was just thankful I had no pressing reason to be outside. I did not even attempt to start my car that day. The next day, I eventually decided to start my car and it did not start up. I was in shock. This car had always worked for the past two winters without being plugged in. Always starting but that day, my car was frozen. Here are some lessons from that experience.

Lesson 1: What are you doing with what you know? I knew there would be a cold wave, but I did not think about what that meant with regards to my car and its functioning. When you pick new knowledge, in other to dispense it properly, it would help to ask the question – what does this mean for me right at this moment? In my case, at least I knew it was going to be cold but I did not make connecting dots on time on the possibility of my car not starting.

Lesson 2: Reassessment and Re-evaluation. My car had actually worked well in past winters without being plugged in but guess what? T-baby working for the past winters did not mean it could take me through this winter season without me assessing it. I assumed it would work because it always worked before. This is not always the case. Sometimes the things that have brought us thus far can only take us so far and not farther. We would need to access higher wisdom to go farther. This is why periodically assessing and evaluating our lives is important. You do not want to be surprised like I was.

Lesson 3: Ask for Help. At some point I started hoping, wishing, and praying that the car will start, without taking any active step ?. Nah, it did not start. I thought to myself, you know it is okay to ask for help. You are drowning and unsure of what to do. I get it that pride makes us not to ask for help but the worst again people can say is NO, and even better they may be able to point you in the right direction. Hey reader (insert your name please), when you are stuck, frazzled, stressed etc., it is wisdom to ask for help. Not everyone will sense you need help before you speak up. Please embrace asking for help.

Lesson 4: Finally Seek Expertise. My car ended up going to the mechanic’s and this was after about 3 or 4 days of trying to get it to work with assistance from others as well. They knew a thing or two and tried but they were not experts in cars. Within a few hours, the mechanic called me saying my car had been fixed and was working. Easy peasy to him while I and my friends had been struggling since lol.

Lesson 5: It can be found within. Closely following the above lesson, I had no clue where my block heater was (block heater: connection point to the electric plug). This was because I had not had the need to use it but it was in the car still. Quite a number of times, what we need is inside of us but we don’t realize it or have not come to discover it because we haven’t had a need for it yet. As you start out or continue on your evolution journey, search within, search in your circle, your block heater (what you need for recharging) just might be in there.

Lesson 6: Name your emotions. In between getting people to help me start this car and this car not starting, I was so frustrated and annoyed. I was having to go to work in between and I had to have a pep talk with myself to prevent snapping or irritation at work. One of the things I am getting better at is identifying what I am feeling and the potential for it to affect my actions. As I get better at this, I am able to remind myself that I don’t have to transfer this feeling to someone or something else. By asking myself what I am feeling and based on what, I learn to separate the events and curtail any negative overflow for the most part.

Until next time, remember to embrace the lessons from your life. Cheers to evolving and loving it!

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P.s – T-baby’s full name is Tanitoluwa, Tabitha, Zaron aka Tbaby! Yes I asked my whatsapp family and we named her oo!

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