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Wonder Woman and God’s Love

Guess who recently saw Wonder woman? Me *inserts victory dance GIF*

Thanks to two beautiful ladies.

Anyway I enjoyed the movie and I’d highlight one of the scenes that stood out for me. Sorry, might add some spoilers here.

There was a scene where father and son finally meet again, this time with the dad no longer consumed with greed and lust for power. Dad was talking to his son saying he wanted his son to be proud of him (dad), to which the son responded, “I love you because you are my dad” as if it to say in that moment you don’t have to earn this love, it is already there because of who you are to me.

The scene reminded me of my current study in Ephesians 1. How God already chose to love us before the world began, accepts us in the beloved and has given us the seal of the Holy Spirit.

According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

Eph 1 vs 4

I didn’t perform for it. I didn’t work for it. Frankly difficult to come to terms with because I have mostly consciously or unconsciously tried to earn the Father’s love. Something I am actively unlearning.

One of the questions that occurred to me while reading that chapter was knowing or understanding that I am already accepted and loved even before I was born, how does this change my perspective and approach to God?

My response was I’d be more vulnerable. I will drop my miss two goody shoes at the door quickly and just be plain honest about how I am failing at one area even when I know the bible says I am equipped. I won’t try to cover my feeling with “it is well”. I will bare it open because I know that las las (at the end of the day), He won’t chase me out of the house.

That’s the question I am posing to you today. How did your or how will your attitude towards God change, based on your understanding of His unconditional love?

My prayer for us is that the Holy Spirit continues to expound God’s love to us. Amen

See you soon,


p.s: Clarity Quest 2 is still in the works. I’d have to wait a bit before sharing it.

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