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Unmask your Beauty | 10 lessons on Self-discovery and Transformation

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This week, I want to share some lessons from a book I read recently -Unmask your beauty by Adedoyin Omotara. You can find the book here or here. I mentioned the book reminded me of the growth vs fixed mindset two posts ago, and I really enjoyed reading this book. It is essentially a manual to help you embark on a transformational journey. Adedoyin Omotara breaks down the transformational pathway into the Awaken, Discovery, Create and Grow stages and shares about how she started her makeup and beauty company “Adoniaa

Here is a summary of what I learned and what was reinforced for me.

1 Assess where you are: On your way to where you are going, you will need to assess where you currently are. Ask yourself what state you currently are with your career, spirituality, friendships, finance, and anything else. Are you happy about how things are going currently? Take stock basically.

2 Identify your subconscious beliefs: “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh” Matt 12 vs 34 b. Out of the thoughts in your mind, your words and actions come forth. If we take time to keep asking why and trace where our actions or inactions might stem from, then we can identify root causes and begin to address them rather than treat symptoms. Symptoms will keep reoccurring as long as the root cause(s) exists. I know introspection is such deep work but I believe it is a place of power and to be honest, some days I just stop midway while questioning myself and go this one is deep abeg (please), we will try again another time ?. Keep at it though.

3. Unmasking is not always pretty: The process of baring yourself and recognizing unhealthy patterns and behavior is not fun. The self-awareness journey is not only about discovering the great things about you but also recognizing the harmful and not-so-pretty parts of your life. It will require you to painfully acknowledge what cannot continue to be, but it will also call you to making better decisions going forward.

4. Engage your creator: Who are you? Why are you here? are questions that have to come to our minds at some point. And if not, it’s a good time to start. To truly live your life purposefully, you must make time to be quiet before God. The author talked about how she spent time off social media and constantly asking God where do I go from here. She sought God for direction regarding her company and how God led her to change the names of her makeup products from mainstream names like scandalous to I am courageous, I am valuable etc. Now, that’s unique. Dear reader, God knows you best.

5. You are a gift with GIFTS – You are part of a grand scheme and you playing your part is very important. As you pay attention to your GIFTS -Genuine Passion, Innate strength, Fundamental values, True Personality and your life Story, you will understand your unique gifting and the flavor you bring to the world. GIFTS is an acronym from the author for recognizing the gift that you are.

6. Be a stream not a reservoir: As you progress and learn, be willing to share. Remember that you are a channel of blessing and water that stays put in one place is stagnant and stale. Flowing water on the other hand, has the advantage of motion and fresh instream of water. With this point, remember that as you give out, you make room for more.

7. You are the vision: Once a big idea is actualized such as an event or product launch or even a YouTube video or blogpost, we might worry about what next. As a result, we might get anxious that we are running out of ideas and starting the comparison game. However, when you realize that the secret sauce is you, you embrace the abundance mindset and that as long as you stay plugged into God (the source that never runs dry) more and better things will come from you.

8. There’s power in visualization: Motivational speakers call it “you can’t feature in a future you haven’t pictured” This is true. Maybe that’s why we have Deja Vu sometimes ?. Imagination is free. The way you can imagine 1000 things that can go wrong, the same way you can imagine 1000 things that can go right. Take some time and instead of worrying about the future, picture your bright future. Picture how you will like to dress, be addressed and the aura you want to exude. Live in it. Feel great and remember it is possible. You can even take it a notch higher and write a bio about yourself in the next couple of years. I promise you will love this exercise.

9. Set goals with soul: Goal setting! Important if you are living intentionally. Even better, is setting goals that are SMART (Read here for more on that) and that align with who you are. And I’d add here sometimes with goal setting, think about who you want to be and that can guide what you should do. Ask yourself the why/intent of you setting that goal. Pretty much, with achieving this goal, what do you want people to say. For instance, me posting every week, at the end of the day I want people to say “hey! I came to Temi’s blog and got a weekly dose of inspiration that helped me make a better decision” (gosh! I am such a good rhymer lol). Now I may not be able to post every week but if I get those comments, I wouldn’t feel like my goal wasn’t achieved. So it shifts my attention from just 52 posts in 2021 *checkmark* to the actual impact I am looking at. Do you get it?

10. Pursue growth: Lastly, maintain your curiosity. Keep learning. Never fail to pursue knowledge. The author divides this stage of growth into growing your mind, growing your self and growing your influence. 2 Peter 3 vs 5b says to “Add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge” Read the books, Read the bible, listen to podcasts, watch videos and most importantly, apply as needed. Some you might have to pay for but your mindset shift is required for transformation. So invest in it.

It was a brilliant and concise book! Loved it

Till next time, have a great week.


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