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What am I about?

What am I about?

So one of things I’m trying to work on is growing my audience and building a personal brand.

I’ve been going back and forth with logging out of social media (and on a larger scale, significantly reducing the time I spend on my phone). I’ve argued against the motion because how will I build a brand without consistency?

During one of these moments, a question settled in my heart – What am I really about?

My usual answer to this question was already brewing but it wasn’t sitting right. The usual stuff that would be described as purposeful and brilliant ? etc but somehow I knew that that wasn’t the answer.

Any answer outside of *solely* Jesus wasn’t it.

Some of these follow up questions came to mind. I continue to ponder on them.

1) So what am I really about? not what do I want people to think I am about.

2) What would I be so happy to triumph currently in my personal life? A.k.a what am I struggling with? What private victories will I love to celebrate?

3) Am I more about the followers, the subscribers, the likes, the comments, the engagement? To what end?

4) What kind of following would I build with no message?

This is the crux:

What I am truly about would show in what I choose to prioritize and actually fight (as needed) to make time for. My excuses so far, do not hold water and my adjustments (should) start now!

So family, for this mid-week’s reflection, I ask what are you really about? And what activities and interactions with resources and people, reflect this?

2 thoughts on “What am I about?”

  1. What am I really about?
    More than I desire to reach out to people the God factor is important.
    This blessed me a lot.

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