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The last QUARTER of 2020

Hello *insert your name*

My people, I have missed you so much. I really have. How are you doing?

Is it okay to say Happy new month still?

I have some good news and a good news (I was going to say not-so-great news but in the long run, I think it is still good news)

It is October and the last quarter of 2020 and I quickly wanted to share a reflective exercise with you guys but before I get into it, in case you haven’t heard or read anywhere, I just launched an e-book last month and you can click this link to access it for free.

One of the feedback I got;

Everything single “nugget” made a lot of sense. You passed the message across with the proper words, I mean I could feel the seriousness yet cheerful tone while reading it and that made it even more appealing.

Review #Helloyear25

I promise you it would be worth the read.

Now unto the reflective exercise. One of the things that I found very helpful this year was breaking down my year into chunks of 90 days for goal setting/productivity. So this last quarter I am sharing a goal setting format to help you for the next 90 days.

Consider making time out this weekend, about 1 or 2 hours. If you live in Canada, it is perfect timing that it is a long weekend because of thanksgiving and if you are outside Canada, try blocking out time.

Think about how the year has gone so far. There is a table format below you might find helpful. If you wrote down goals for the year at the start of 2020, this is a good time to revisit and evaluate.

Area of my lifeWhat has gone greatWhat will I like to work on
I have spent more time studying the word and applying itI have been quite lazy to pray
FinancesI have paid off all my debtI will like to save for emergency funds
Example of evaluating the year so far

Next, for the remainder of this year, write out what you want to achieve plus areas you want to grow.

Area to work onWhat to achieveHowTimeline for progress report
HealthLose 10lbs
Eating healthy
100 skips/day and 30 min
aerobic 3x per week on Mon Wed Fri
Make a food timetable, watch xyz on healthy meal prep
Oct 30
Oct 30
Example of 90 day goal

So overall your deadline would be Dec 30 or 31 or even earlier but you would check in from time to time (progress report) to see how you are doing.

For the next 90 days, here is some of what I am planning to do;

1) Focus on being still in God’s presence and fortifying my why.

2) Build my financial literacy and investment portfolio

3) Grow my people skill

4) Read a couple more books

So the not-so-great/good news is that I might be off blogging for a while. I encourage you to binge on my previous contents. They make sense (lol if I do say so myself)

Particularly, I am grateful I could blog more this year. I was aiming for weekly posts but I also had twice a month as a more feasible plan and the latter seemed to work better. I grade myself about 65% so far

Well when I get back (if I do take a break) or pretty soon, I will have a routine for my posts.

Before I end, I will like to say thank you for always reading, commenting, sharing and thank you for being part of the reason I wrote this e-book

I love you



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