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LIVE IT LOUD VIRTUAL 2020 | IGNITE Day one | Recap

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I am actually pumped to write this post because it is about one of my favorite youth conference – LIVE IT LOUD, usually held annually in Canada. This year, because of COVID 19, we had to attend this conference virtually.

I decided to share my take home points because I love my readers. However, before we get into it, can I just appreciate the YASM Canada behind-the-scenes team. I was super impressed and just wowed by the thoughts and efforts to ensure that the virtual experience wasn’t just there (bleh). Well done YASM Canada. To everyone who sang, danced, preached, talked, gave welcome and farewell speeches, I pray God blesses you tremendously as you have blessed us.

Let me get right into my ponder points before I lose you. (I am only giving you icing so you can go to the YouTube channel and feast on the cake)

Session 1: Welcome Address by Pastor Tayo Ojajuni (

Screenshot from YASM canada YouTube

Pastor Tayo, using David as a case study 1 Sam 17 vs 46-48, came to give us the Tea on different people in our lives and how handling them affects our ignition. Namely,

  • The Testers: Those who want to test what you know
  • The Taunters: Those who want to make you quit. Ignore them
  • The Tailers: Those who monitor your progress and keep track of your errors. Be aware of and listen to right counsel
  • The Trickers: Those who want to deceive you and set a trap for you
  • The Taggers: Those who place labels on you. You can let them win the battle but not the war
  • The Talkers: Those who can belittle or take you to exalted positions
  • The Tillers/Tenders: helpers of destiny
  • The Traitors: Those who will betray you

Lastly; we need TACT: wisdom to navigate life to stay ignited

SESSION 2: LIVING A RELEVANT LIFE by Pastor Wale Akinsiku (

Screenshot from YASM canada YouTube

We went deep with this one. Pastor Wale or PWA didn’t come here to play ??. My takeaways;

  • A purposeful life is one that is fulfilling to you and meaningful to others
  • Our success as Christians is defined by the Word of God and it is not;
    • Doing better than your friend/somebody: We all have different talents
    • Accumulating things and material possessions
  • Success is a responsibility to serve others and distribute what I have recieved
  • If I was not necessary, I would not have been created
  • I am a vessel that carries light, however, it is possible that my light won’t shine due to certain factors
  • In order for my light to shine I need to have a big dream – a glimpse of God’s vision for my life which I can get by
    • Asking God: He Knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb Jeremiah 1 vs 5
    • Serving: Where can you serve in church, community etc
    • Walking with the wise: Finding those who have a vision and sticking with them

If you attended, leave me a comment about your take home points from day one. I will be back with day 2 gist soon and if you did not attend, what is your take away from this post?

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