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I AM EXHAUSTED | Black Lives Matter | Protect our women| Let’s do better

It actually breaks my heart and I have tried to shut it out.

I have cried and truthfully I am afraid.

I have questions and I wonder what people think when they commit atrocities such as killing a man in broad daylight because of his skin colour (which he had no input in deciding)


Raping a woman (or any person) just because


Manipulating people when you are in a position of authority and trust


Husbands beating wives and all forms of domestic violence

And the list goes on.

I am exhausted!

Seeing comments which directly or indirectly justify these crimes or even water them down have me thinking about people’s hearts. Do we understand the pain of the families involved? Honestly I probably myself do not understand half of it even with my empathy.

It’s sad

Why do we not care for each other and love each other, colour of skin aside?

Why are we murdering and harming people and damning consequences?

Frankly, I am horrified.

I can’t help but think what goes through the head of the perpetrators? What demons are they fighting that they have refused to address and pay attention to? And make them think it’s okay to inflict sufferings on others?

I am reminded of Moradeun Balogun’s death in Nigeria, December 2019 because of hoodlums and a failing health care system

I have had to tell myself today that my little bubble is not safe despite it being one of my coping mechanisms to numb the pain. It is selfishness to stay there forever and pretend this does not affect me in some way.

If I run across the street and someone decides to shoot me saying “they thought I was ………” Based on such an assumption, my life just might be cut short.

I am telling myself I need to contribute to raising men that respect women and teaching my children of their worth as well as teaching them to value people regardless of race, religion and whatever differences we might have.

It is in my duty to educate people, starting with my circle of influence and to unconditionally love those around me.

It is my duty to pray for a compassionate heart so I don’t look the other way when any injustice is happening.

It is my duty to check my conversations and actions, so I am not subliminally propagating injustice in any form.

I have to do my part and let others know they have a part to play too.

I pray comfort, healing and the lifting up of this thick cloak of darkness in Jesus’ name.

I look forward to better and I look forward justice.

With love,

A concerned Black Woman


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