Movie Review: Hakkunde


For today’s read I’m transcribing some things I mentioned in a movie review I did on YouTube. Here’s the link if you would rather listen to me talk ( but if you’d love to read instead, here’s what I learned from the movie

1. Accept people regardless: in the movie, the Yoruba boy Akande moved to Northern Nigeria in search of a better life and I liked that the Northerners accepted him despite he was a westerner and embraced him as their son. It taught me to love and see people as humans regardless of race, religion or culture. This will make the world a better place to live in.

2. Clarity comes in the doing; Basically when you have a thought or idea that drops in your mind, write it out, draw it out, research on it, speak about it. As you engage the idea in this way it becomes clear what you should do. I learned this from the becoming by design podcast by Moradeun Balogun of blessed memory and also queen of online course in Africa- Steph Obi. If you have an idea and just leave it in your mind, the chances of it not coming to life increases.

3. Ignorance is deadly: In the movie, a woman was ostracized because her husbands kept dying and they felt she was a witch. What was really going on was that her husbands were living with Sickle cell and so they ended up dying from that but because most villagers were ignorant, they instead decide to ostracize her. It reinforced Hosea 4 vs 6: My people perish for lack of knowledge. Knowing the right thing can save a lot of hassle and stress.

The movie is on Netflix

Till you read from me next, stay safe.


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