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Post-Secondary Journey II


Welcome back.

This is a continuation of a previous post. You can read the part 1 here My Post-Secondary Journey –

I really just needed to leave my room but I had no destination in mind. I picked up tracts, very uncertain if I was going to share them. Actually, there were so many things I did not know. For weeks I was gradually getting disconnected. I didn’t put in effort with school anymore and I waited till last minutes to complete my assignments. Want to know why?

1). I was switching to nursing about midway into Biochemistry. And to top it only about 5 of my classes were going to transfer over. Talk about double dose of pain

2. This same year (2016 then), most of my high school mates who got into school immediately would be graduating with a first degree but behold me, I don’t even know where I am again in school

3. What about all the money spent so far considering that most of my classes weren’t transferring over. Ahh God is this a classic case of fruitless effort (awon enemies mi ti show up sha – my enemies have shown up)

4. What about my physician dream. This isn’t how I imagined the journey. (My 12 year old self that was planning to be married at 22 or 23 after getting my MBBS, please don’t ask me how far ?). You should read my post on Marriage if you haven’t yet.

So back to my narration,

My room felt stifling that night and I needed to clear my head with a walk. I eventually sat down at a corner and was thinking thoughtlessly. I usually say to my friends or people I tell this story that if someone wanted to take advantage of me that night, they most likely could have had their way. My defenses were down. Here goes Lesson 1: Have a rational plan for emotional moments. Please try and stay in a secure place when your mind is not settled. It’s hard but in that emotional state you may do things you never thought possible.

Then God-incidentally, someone familiar, an older friend/brother shows up and was asking why I was there. I started explaining and one of the things he shared that helped me, Lesson 2: was that there can be different paths to a place. Basically, I might have thought path A was the only way to achieve my dreams but path B can still lead me to my dreams.

I am going to end this post with this encouragement which will be Lesson 3: God causes all things to work together for good to them that love God. Basically, this verse is saying that even bad and tough situations that you sob over and get mad about, can end up working together for your good when the big picture comes together. SO you might be spending longer in school than you anticipated, there might be a delay in one issue or the other and it looks like time has been wasted. As you learn to trust God it will all come together in your favour and again, like I said in my last post (https://temidimples.wordpress.com/2020/04/16/my-post-secondary-journey/), you will look back, connect the dots and smile.

I pray restoration for you. I pray for strength to let go of comparison. I pray you embrace your journey!

With love,


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  1. “There are different paths to a place (destination)”. Spot on!
    Keep learning girl & enjoy this path ?

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