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It’s a new DECADE – 2020 in view. (Part 1)

Let’s talk about 2020 quickly shall we?

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  • Year of light
  • Year of No-Nonsense
  • Year of the Lord
  • Year of Breaking Limits
  • Year of Great turn around
  • The year
  • Or whatever tagline you have for the year

You are tired right? Sounds cliché eh? I feel you but let me give you a different perspective >>> The cliché is you. You keep doing the same thing over and over again (most times unconsciously) and you are expecting a different result. It won’t work. So how about looking through what worked and did not work for you in the past years and deciding this year to do things differently, then maybe it will be your Year of ;

  • Light
  • No-nonsense
  • The Lord
  • Breaking limits
  • Great Turn Around

Reflect, redirect, pray and seek wisdom so that all these ginger will not end by 2nd week of January 2020

Much love,


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