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It’s a new Decade- 2019 in a blog post (Part 2)

I am deciding to drop 5 of my takeaways from year 2019, in no particular order! Roll with me

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  • You have your target audience. It may seem like a lot of people are doing what you want to do but believe me you have your own market. So, whatever it is you can and want to do please do it.
  • Spending time to reflect on the how to accomplish your goals actually boosts your chances of achieving the goal(s). For instance; you want to win a scholarship, how? What are the requirements you need and how can you get them. As much as this looks like common sense, a lot of people do not apply it.
  • I am so flawed thus my prayer focus is Jesus fix me and my perspective before I start pulling out speck from my brother’s eyes
  • If you strongly feel you should do something or not do something, write down why you are conflicted, like why would you rather do the opposite one instead of what you feel your heart is tugging at. If the reasons include flimsy fearful excuses, you have your answer about the best choice. Do it afraid
  • You would know when you have truly forgiven. You will know! The difference is unmistakable

Bonus: Do not underestimate the power of proximity in building attraction (Crazy Phenomenon) Plus this is where you need a lot of sense!

See you in 2020


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