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Daddy’s Little Girl

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

To all the men out there doing all you can to provide and cater for your family and being a spiritual covering, God bless you. To the moms who double  as dads, you are the real MVPs

In this post, I’m just going to share 2 or 3 things that have stood out for me in my relationship with my Dad and pivotal lessons from them.

  1.  “I love you”: Of course, growing up I knew and still know that my Dad loves me but the times my Dad started to say it more frequently,  it struck a chord! I didn’t even know that I needed that. Let me explain: so my dad says I love you baby and I was like wow! I don’t need any guy to tell me this and then make me wet my pillow later on (lol those who know, know ?). I realized I had been carried away when guys told me “I love you” and added all those sweet nothings to it. It was validation for me yet it didn’t feel like the best kind of love but hearing  it over and over from my Dad and knowing it was pure love not interested in taking advantage of me was beautiful. Like BEYOOTIFUL! It gave me such a sense of security and worth that nah no man can come and be telling me story without showing me/surpassing this standard of love. Like boy bye! My daddy can do much more. Now in relation to God- isn’t that how He constantly shows us His love. Psalm 139 is one of my favorite psalm and it blows my mind the attention to detail that God pays to me and I revisit it to remind me I am loved, fearfully made and precious!
  • The snuggle: Most times when I’m with my Dad, I’m touching him like hands, head on shoulder, etc. I don’t even get it but I just want to snuggle??. It’s like all my childish ‘mummy/daddy carry me’ come back (even as a lady who has lived over 2 decades), I still want to snuggle but here’s the deal, my father is ready lol. He doesn’t push me away or give me vibes of ‘wo omo yii fi mi le – like this child leave me alone’ It usually feels like he just had been waiting for me to come. Reminds me of the Father’s (God’s) arms being open to receiving me even when I don’t think I’m worth it. This chorus comes to mind ‘oh come to the altar, the father’s arms are open wide”

Before I leave,  I just want to admonish the young men out there, as you grow and start families, to take your place as Fathers. To nurture the young ones and not leave it to the mothers. To be there for your kids, tell your daughters how much they mean to you- start early. Teach your sons to pray,  to cook, to be kind. Rise up as fathers, you have way too much responsibility to be doing anyhow.  Step up to your God ordained position, read and learn and help to raise more secure men and emotionally stable families.

God bless you.


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