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Let’s not be too Spiritual

Happy New Month! I am just going to dive straight into this matter. All protocols duly observed ?

A number of times, most often among Christians, I have heard statements along the lines of “Let’s not be too spiritual”, “Let’s leave bible out of it and talk real talk”, “don’t be too spirikoko”, “sorry to be too spiritual” and the likes. Oh! you bet I have said some of them myself. Anyway, I started to think about these statements and what they meant. Here is kind of how my thought process went- “So I am here praying constantly that Lord I want to be led by you, I want to walk in your ways, I want to please you etc. I am saying Lord I want your word to govern every decision I make yet in a Christian gathering I am saying leave the bible aside.”

That definitely struck a chord because there was no alignment between what I was praying for and what I was using my mouth to say, especially if I believe that the bible contains instructions for righteousness (2 Timothy 3 vs 16-17).

Okay pause, and go back to the title and the 2nd paragraph and really think about it.

I recognized that lots of people including myself said these statements so casually and people would laugh and have the faces/remarks of “not everything bible” but I find that these statements could be misleading.

Okay before you start to roll your eyes because you are on this table I am shaking – let me explain

“For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

Romans 8 vs 6 KJV

I think the phrases mentioned above are not used appropriately.  I have noticed a few times that people say those statements when they want to address issue(s) in a practical and relatable way. Now I feel the idea that people have in their head when they say spiritual is like the pharisee’s religious characteristics, where they outwardly keep the rules but no heart circumcision. (Haha or where you don’t smile or laugh or even where you can’t ‘catch feelings’ because you are spiritual).

I will like to say here that being Spiritual does not mean you are not realistic or practical. It does not mean you do not acknowledge human feelings and emotions. It means you understand some tantrums the flesh can throw but you know fully well you are a spirit being, that God’s word addresses every area of your life and you are governed by whatever His Word says!

For example, let’s address the question of if it advisable for 2 people who are attracted to each other to stay in secluded areas? [This is my analysis; Like you are attracted to someone and you both are tongue-speaking, demon-chasing individuals but the two both of you are in a secluded area?! Sis or Bro na lie you both cannot kill any demon at that time.] Answer is NO. Your emotions will fly, you will put yourself in a danger zone. This answer is scripturally founded and acknowledges the components of man as a physical being. See ehn, answering this question does not warrant a preamble of let’s not be too spiritual, neither does it leave the bible aside because Jesus tells us that if our right eye will cause us to sin, pluck it out (Matthew 5 vs 29).  The bible also tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 22, to flee from every appearance of evil (the appearance – not even actual full manifested evil) and that’s exactly what that answer tells you.

SO, a better way to frame your statement would be, rather than saying leaving the bible aside (which low-key sounds sensible and harmless but NOPE), say I will be very realistic and practical using scriptures. This helps your audience know that the Word of God is still very much your foundation and that it is applicable to real life issues.

Second reason for me would be to justify what we are ignorant of. To be honest, I have probably said those statements to justify my thoughts and opinions not rooted in God’s word and boy it felt good but when Jesus checks you, you say Yes sir!

In summary, I am saying don’t apologize for bringing in scripture when you need to say something, don’t say let’s leave the bible because that’s what you are supposed to live by. That’s really what governs our lives as Christians. So own it! May Jesus help us!

With love,


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