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Let’s Celebrate Love :)

Hey people!

Happy New month!

It’s February a.k.a Valentine’s month a.k.a love month a.k.a let’s take a break or let’s get married month (okay just kidding about the last one).

I am inspired to talk about 4 marriages for the 4 Mondays in February that I admire and share my whys. So let’s tag the posts in the series #MarriageMonday, shall we? (hopefully this gets posted before 12 a.m Regina time)

First on the list is……….. (drum roll)

Pastor Nomthi and Pastor Taiwo Odukoya!

This should lead to you to a summarized version of how they met

So Pastor Taiwo got married to pastor Nomthi, who had never been married, after he lost his first wife – Pastor Bimbo Odukoya (bless her soul).

Two things stand out for me

How pastor Nomthi is her own person and not pressure or maybe might have been but has understood she does not need to fit into pastor Bimbo’s shoe for whatever reason. She gets to do life with pastor Taiwo in her (pastor Nomthi’s) element.

Second thing oh my she has embraced our Nigerian culture(oh yeah she is South African) and it’s awesome to see her just emanate such love and radiance and her husband beam with admiration

Here is a video of her on IG (spot pastor Taiwo), I grinned all through (actually what inspired the celebrating love series)

Summary: I just love how the fact that pastor Taiwo had been married before does not diminish their drive to intentionally love each other. I think it’s super beautiful.

It’s 12:10 a.m now, I am about to hit publish

P.s: 🙁 I didn’t make it before 12 but next week I shall!

Have an amazing day!


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