Jazmine’s story 2…. The end


This story is long overdue but sorry to break your heart, the story is not continuing. Read up the first part here

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I am guessing most of us can relate to Jazmine a little, in terms of hurting and trying to hold back a lot of times. It usually isn’t something to think about till you notice how it’s affecting some other parts of your life.

If you can relate, I think the following will help:

  1. Identify if you are hurting or not- do you still recount the details with tears or pain in your heart?, is your heart still heavy? if yes – you are most likely hurting. If no, you can just read to refer someone else.
  2. Now that we have come to terms with it, you need to express it in a way; journal to God, tell a trusted friend, record yourself. This way you know what went wrong and even where you made a mistake. Be objective about it.
  3. Pray about your heart and its healing. Psalm 147:3 – He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Pray for help in loving those who hurt you again. Ask Him for wisdom going forward. Pray for help to forgive. (let me just slide it in – “forgiveness does not equate amnesia” : Pastor Bolanle Olawale) You most likely won’t forget except you have a memory loss but you can choose over and over again to not replay the scene in your mind. (note: for some people it’s different they have a way of wiping it off their memory. I don’t have that)
  4. Don’t let your emotions get the better part of you. Sometimes you want to, or you even give off attitude. Apologize and consciously make effort to not act based on hurt.
  5. Everything happens for a reason, and this can be a learning period for you. Embrace it, learn from it, do an inward search and Let it go for real!

I hope this helps. If it’s a break-up, I will recommend MOVE ON by Jacqueline Oludimu. You can find it on amazon kindle – it’s 42 pages long for $3.99.

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