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My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16

Hello Dear ******(insert your name)

As am typing this incident,I am just laughing at myself. What were we thinking then???!

So this one time in secondary school, one beautiful Saturday afternoon like that. We had finished eating lunch in the dining room and were now resting in the hostel and oh boy it was so hot.

My dear sister beside the window had the window closed and it was really hot (Nigeria’s heat does not have a rival yet). I requested that the window be opened and the excuse Miss A gave then was there was a fly caught in the window net and she was scared of it.

In my head, this was not good enough reason to make me suffer this heat. I asked her to please open the window and kill the fly. Miss A started saying she won’t open the window that she does not know the species of the fly and what it can do to her. Chai my head started to spark!

This small issue turned to fight that day o. Before I knew it, the room next to us was coming to blast (shout) at me for asking Miss A to open window. I mellowed for that one. Next thing Miss B, came too and said something to which I responded (I cannot even remember what I said). Lo and behold we were outside the room already and she was confronting me if I said so and so, and I am like yes I said it (as per in my mind, what do you want to do to me). Before I said Jack Robinson, hot slap landed on my face. Lol I was paralyzed for that moment. A whole senior Temi being slapped in the quadrangle. I never experred it! Nevurrr! My tears did not even waste time.

Few minutes later, we ended up crying together and she apologized, I let it go.

I realize now, that not letting the hurt linger plus us settling it right away helped a great deal in maintaining our level of friendship then. I can imagine if she did not apologize right away or I didn’t let it go after her apology, the strain we would have had in our relationship.

I think communication is really vital in any relationship (friendship, marriage, etc) and if you have problems or something comes up, talking it out immediately can better mend it than actually avoiding the issue till even bringing it up becomes so awkward and super uncomfortable. I have been on both ends of this communication stuff and dealing with it immediately has led to best results for me.

Mehn! that slap humbled me sha. I reduced my number of threats to those around me. Some people’s spontaneity passed my own, I learned to chill by force.

With love,


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