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JAZMINE. #September30blogposts #Post15

Jazmine definitely knew her onions and could certainly pull a crowd  but this of all things wasn’t working in her favor. She was disturbed and this was quite unusual. For a while now she hadn’t thought so much of the issue but as she prayed in recent times, the scene kept replaying in her head. So she and Frizzy had had a fight and that fight was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Jazmine had had enough and she was going to put Frizzy in her place. Her flesh wasn’t going to give room for the spirit this time. “Oh please! I can talk back too and also say hurtful words.”

Well fast track to 6 months later. Frizzy and Jazmine have settled scores, occasionally go out together and everything is fine, or so it seemed up, until Jazmine’s mind seemed to always drift back to that outburst scene between them.

Tears started to drop from her eyes as she remembered the names Frizzy had called her. Frizzy had embarrassed her in front of everyone at work including her ex-boyfriend. This matter was something that could have been easily resolved but NO! Frizzy decided that she will call her out on this one. Jazmine sighed.

I have forgiven her, haven’t I?, we talk,laugh, go out together etc. I mean of course things would not return to the way they were before because this was one of the reasons Danny broke up with her. Frizzy had caused enough damage but she still forgave her being the Christian lady she was.

But why was she crying?, she wondered. Why did it feel like there was a fresh wound in her heart again, just why?? She continued crying, still having flashbacks.

“Jazmine, your heart’s condition is not right. You are hurting!, and not even realizing it.” A thought dropped.

Yes I am hurt, and I have every right to be. I was embarrassed,victimized and now I am not at peace. What do I do?

“I know what to do” She remarked. I will ask people for their opinions and hear what they say. I am not sure it’s God’s voice I am hearing.

Can you relate to Jazmine’s story? Part 2 loading…

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