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Wisdom Nuggets for your FRIDAY #September30blogposts #post13


Someone likes to crush on worship leaders o! Today it’s Nathaniel Bassey…ghen ghen. I am smiling ear to ear like (you can fill in the gap) but his babe is lucky o I won’t even lie. I just find Pastor Nat so funny and he has so much wisdom, I just have to lean it. You should check out his IG page. I believe it’s nathanielblow.

So some of my fave wisdom nuggets from Nathaniel Bassey are based on relationships. Here are some he shared when he was talking about how he met his wife (I wonder why these stories never get old). I can’t transcribe everything  but  I will share few things in my own words

  1. He emphasized importance of letting go of past relationships and healing from the hurt genuinely. He said the healing process should not be bypassed because “hurting people hurt people”.[I hope you get it? :)]. He talked about finding healing in God and seeking to be a better version of yourself. Seeking to be better, not with the intention of *I will show them what they missed* o (please who pettiness epp??) but with the mind of Christ and dong it for yourself.
  2. Work on yourself. Ask yourself if you were in a relationship with yourself what would you like? what would you change? Give yourself a sincere appraisal.
  3. Be sure of God’s leading. Ask yourself if the likeness or thoughts of the person is because of proximity. If the person in question is away for 2years or more, like really distant from you and skype calls are insufficient, would you still love and stick to this person?
  4. Don’t play assistant Holy Ghost. Don’ drag God into the relationship. Don’t pick the girl or guy and start doing bible study and prayer together et al, then call it godly relationship, when you know for sure that God is not leading you there. Let Him confirm your thoughts before they become actions.
  5. Pray in the spirit. This flesh is weak. Your own understanding can be praying Lord let me and my ex come back together or Lord let sister so so so say yes to me, but as we no longer pray in our understanding, the spirit’s prayer can be “Father scatter any bond with this ex or remove any fleshy feeling for this person because it’s not your will”

I hope you picked up one or more lessons you can apply.

One other thing about Minister Nathaniel Basssey is his teaching on the importance of building character as God’s minister in addition to your skills and gifts. Be sure to submit to your spiritual authority and patiently learn under them, rather than wanting stardom immediately.

P.S Check out the pretty baby’s corner as well on his IG page.. LOL, you go laugh tire (as in you will laugh so hard) but still learn hard truths.

For the ladies
For the ladies
For the ladies
For the guys
For the guys

All screenshots from Nathaniel’s IG page.

P.P.S: I must complete this challenge o (pray for me)

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