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IDENTITY…JESUS LOVES YOU #September30blogposts #post12


Hope everyone’s day went well?

In the spirit of IDENTITY (See poster again – Tommorow 6-9pm is worship night). I am doing a reflection post tonight.

Such a colorful poster

Itzz a reminiscing solmetin! (you can guess whose voice)

I remember when I sought  identity in the mundane things of this world

I remember when the number of awards I got at school was priority

I remember wanting my position as a prefect defining me

I remember when counting the number of people I had shown my other color (lol you don’t want to know) made me feel on top of the world

I remember when the number of movies I had watched on AFMAG during the holiday mattered, so I could show off too (lol that life)

I remember making unwise decisions then because my peers seemed to know what they were doing (obviously not!)

I remember trusting so much in my ability to get good grades and just adding God to the equation

I remember when it failed me.

I remember not getting into university right away even with all my distinctions and high JAMB Score

I remember how I realized my brain, my beauty, the kind of car my dad had, etc wasn’t it!

I remember realizing one thing was needful and I had to hand over to HIM

I remember writing JAMB a second time, obviously disappointed seeing I even got a lower score with my added knowledge base

I remember my A level result and Biology was A* (I wasn’t even expecting it).

I remember receiving my admission letters into U.I for medicine with the lower JAMB score for both 100 level and direct entry. (God did prove how my abilities were nothing without HIM)

I remember receiving my admission letter into the U of R

I remember getting my first 70 something

I remember when I said my grades don’t define me (please I had to feel better)

I remember doubting who I wanted to be in life again

I remember my mistakes, my fights, my tears, my hopelessness and

I remember HIS WORDS

I remember HIS PEACE

I remember HIM not GIVING UP on me


I remember HIS SILENCE (because I needed to be quiet too and grow)


I remember HIM saying “you are worth much more than all of this”

I remember identifying that my IDENTITY is actually in CHRIST (pun intended)

and so my descriptive pitch became: AN EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT AND LOVE


Am I all of that yet? No but it keeps me going because at the end of the day I just simply want to be remembered as JESUS’ girl or if we would summarize in one word -LOVE, because that’s the foundation of what HE did for us.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

JESUS LOVES YOU  LIKE CRAZZZYYY (in Heather Lindsey’s voice)


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