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Help Me: I want to read! #September30blogposts #post11

I’m sure you are like what’s the deal here??! Thank you for stopping by again.

Has anyone else noticed that the reading culture is dying? It’s just sad… (Does anyone know where to get the left behind series). I have a lot of books to read outside school books and I really never find the time to do so. I really want to be able to get through at least a book per month regardless. Any suggestions and practical steps?? I really would appreciate it. I am tired of piling up books.

That’s all… Hahaha nothing deep. Please help a sister and possibly others. I don’t want to lose my reading culture.

Blogs you can read:

  • (blogging mentor from a distance – she is so full of life, real, disciplined etc, super amazing)
  • (my friend that blogs on charity)
  • (Heather Lindsey – She’s just plain real)
  • (Pastor Mildred Okonkwo – I particularly love her waiting for kids story and how she had to hold on to God’s word)
  • – Nia-Cerise Conteh


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