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Randomzzzz #September30blogposts #post8

No title o except if randomzzzz counts.

Saturday, one of my fave days because I get to not hurry out of my room in the morning.

I pretty much spent the day with fantabulous people and doing the make-up BTS for a show (now you know I am a free lance make-up artist, so patronize me). Anticipate Shine Regina with Teni. Me I can’t wait sha. (If you don’t know my love for Dr. Teni Araba yet, infact the entire family, where have you been?? lol)

biz card 2017-09-06
Patronize us. Facebook: Bridel faces

Shine Regina with Teni is basically about people sharing their story and how much they love this city, Regina. Lemme just give them a motto; spreading the love and light of Jesus, one show at a time.

p:s – I am so honored and happy that I finally got to do Dr. Teni’s make-up. She walked me through the first steps of Bridel faces and her heart is pure gold and that of her husband :* :*.

Before you go, I have a question for you, have you spent time with God today?. Please apply the diligence in reading my blog to studying God’s word too. It’s not even advisable to run on reserve (post for another day).

My picture had to come in too

God bless you,


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