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Christian Music rant #September30blogposts #post6


So I’m just thinking about gospel ministers and the music we make or should I say they make.

These days, I am just confused with the songs I hear and it seems we are losing something in the christian community. You will see people with amazing voices­, great instrumentals, in fact solidly packaged people and when you are expecting a song to send you to the heavens, hmmmn the reverse is the case.

For one, I am not against fast tempo or rap song. I really am more particular about the lyrics. For people like me that like to overanalyze, it’s hard to not listen to the lyrics and just focus on the beat. Another reason some Nigerian hits just make me laugh. No lyrics o but the beat is killer (sorry i digress), but yeah like I find it very alarming the way things are going with these song lyrics.

One song I heard some weeks back shook me. My friend showed it to me and I’m like ehn what is this?? My comment was just “is this what tongues have reduced to?” (if you know the song you know, if you don’t ermmm I can’t help you).

Really though, songs are powerful! They change the atmosphere, they are used for warring against the devil and even Zephaniah records that the Lord rejoices over us with singing. Please let’s pay attention to our lyrics even with the trying to blend in with the generation now. Some of us still like the old school feeling. Let us be able to reflect on our lives in addition to rejoicing as we listen to the song. It’s really important to not throw away our connection with God for people’s reaction [feel my rhymes, just happened on the go because I am good like that lol].

Constantly checking our motives when writing and producing songs, I think will help and also connecting with the Holy spirit will indeed help us to release more spirit-lifting songs.

p.s: Have you heard Gracefully broken by Tasha cobbs? It is amazing. Also all of Nathaniel Bassey’s songs are exceptional. He is one of my definitions of a gospel minister.

I’m signing out.. Good night.

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