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Welcome to and it’s still your host girl/blogger girl TEMI! yeah. I am welcoming you with a smile and you best picture my dimples showinggg (lol sorry I really wasn’t trying to oppress you but…)

The smile

Anyway topic is Write it down!

I am sure you can guess what it is you need to write down…..your goals, Yes!, and other things. In addition to writing your goals, write down your prayer points, testimonies, confessions, pretty much everything you want to see in your life. For me this helps me remember things and when I read what I have written down some years or weeks or even a day ago, I am usually like “Wawu so na me been dey think deep like this” meaning Wow, so I can think this deep. *inserts wink*

Personally, it encourages me when I look back and see my prayer points turn into testimonies of answered prayers. My vision and desire actually coming to fruition… it’s a sweet surreal feeling!

So today September 6, we had this club fair thingy in my school and I really for maybe over a year had dreamt of us wearing a customized t-shirts with RCF and my initial idea was “Jesus loves you” inscribed on the shirt but it was modified to “I may not be prefect but JESUS thinks I am worth dying for”. So today guess what?? we wore it and this shirt is deep for me o, cos I have been writing it like forever in my book and thinking about it in my head, and finally it came to pass.

It was something I really didn’t know how to go about but thank God for the amazing pastors, youth excos and youth group He has blessed me with. Oh yeah, that’s another thing, after writing it down, share it with like-minded people who will spur you on and probably even take over for you/with you. The people I mentioned above literally ran with the idea like their own, tweaked it and even added business card to the deal. Special thanks to coach Joy and my IMMERSE family ( They made me write down the steps to achieve this and actually take the steps. Allow me to digress, speaking of IMMERSE….. It’s a coaching company founded by Debola Deji-Kurunmi (DDK, chai she’s lit) for women only (sorry guys 🙂 we love you though) to launch them into a higher version of themselves and inspire them to live awake. You should sign up as a lady if you have not, just check the website for more information. I highly recommend it. Next batch starts Sept 18, 2017.

Another thing I wrote down and long forgot about was my going to Live it Loud (LIL) this year. I had a recap for LIL2016 and before signing out I had written something about definitely going for LIL next year. Trust me I had forgotten about it until after LIL2017 when I read the LIL 2016 recap post. In between I was already dropping the idea of going but I eventually went and like it says in Habakkuk – write the vision down, make it plain, though it tarries it will come to pass. It came to pass.

So just write it, regardless of how not-forthcoming it seems. Pray over it, believe it and just have record of it. One day as you read what you have written you will be able to acknowledge just how faithful God has been and will continue to be.

On this note, I say have a wonderful night and follow RCF Regina on IG: rcf_uregina


I just had to put a LIL2017 picture and it’s in my province next year! LIL2018Saskatoon





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