Temi! Why are you even blogging? #September30blogposts #post3


It’s post number 3. Yay! On a side note, as I am typing this, I am sleepy but I don’t plan to miss any day again. So why did I start this blog?

Basically the night I decided I was going to start blogging, mehn I was down, I didn’t feel my life was going how I planned and I had to make a tough decision about switching courses. In summary, I was just weak and crying and worrying and thinking and wondering where God was. I really needed something/someone to encourage me at that time and because it was night time, I wasn’t going to call anyone so I was just on my bed with my silent tears and I picked up my phone. I don’t even know exactly what led me to Heather Lindsey’s blog but I was there and read something about when God is there but just because of the situations around you, you worry (I really can’t remember the topic or post) but that’s what I got from reading it.

Sure enough, after reading it, I was super pumped, re-energized, prayed and thanked God and It was just like the healing and comfort I needed at that time. God had sent the word in due season.

SO just before I slept, I was like you never really know who needs a word, who is out there not being able to keep it all together and is just almost losing it, you never know who can’t share their worries with people just because you are like everyone’s go-to person et al. And  boom that’s how I got inspired to start my blog. The goal for this blog is that even if you can’t talk to someone, you should be able to read something here that is God’s word for you. You should find something to re-energize you in your walk with God, something to encourage you, something you can relate with, something that tells you you are not alone and definitely something that stirs up, increases or establishes your faith in God…. infact all three.

It’s my prayer that people will genuinely come to know God through my posts and that people will understand God’s love for them. His pure LOVEEEEEEE.

So whenever you can, please take time to pray for the blog and the posts, that they would minister to people and lives will be transformed, souls will be won and that testimonies plus grand ideas will be birthed through this platform.

Thank you all so much.

See you in the next post.

Haa we made it it’s 23:45! Sorry no pictures tonight…

With love,


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