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What was the turning point eh? (Eh is synonymous with the Nigerian “Abi”). We will get to it soon. Sorry I missed my second day ??. I will do a 2 posts in one day to cover ( I don’t know what day yet).

It was January 2013, an anniversary in my A levels church then (Vine Branch, Apata in Ibadan) and oh boy Pastor Sola Kolade preached (btw, Pastor Dr. Sola is fine sha and a medical doctor, but moving on). Till date if you ask me what he preached about, I can’t remember, I just know it was my turning point. My conscience was being tugged at and I just wanted God or nothing. It’s not like I was into drinking, partying and all stuff but that day, I knew I needed something more than just being good in societal terms.

I went to an Anglican secondary school – BMJS in Nigeria, so I had my fair share of coming out for almost all altar calls. That pretty much laid the foundation but that fateful Sunday was different and it wasn’t about receiving Jesus for fear of going to hell fire, I realized His LOVE for me.  It was MY TURNING POINT!

As much as my body was shaking from inside, you guys, guess what??!! I didn’t stand up to identify o. My friend beside me had raised up her hand, but as ushers came to her to go forward or something, she said she didn’t raise up her hand [or maybe she didn’t, but I think she did though], so me sef (me too) because of peer pressure I said the same thing. Hahahaha I can’t believe I did that but then….

I went home and prayed my prayer of salvation on my bed. Trust me it’s not like I haven’t sinned since then but I have since learned this Christian walk is a journey. Anyway in 2015, I went for another call just to redeem that moment in 2013. And on the days I don’t feel “spiricoco”, I remember how that encounter at Vine Branch was for me and I’m like yo ain’t going back. I’ve got my mind made up. JESUS all the way

So that’s my salvation story 🙂

Feel free to email me yours ( or just comment your story!

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