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My Grandma : Mrs Mary Ikeke

Meet my maternal grandmother… the only surviving grandparent I have left. This is my oldest actually no, she’s one year younger than the General Overseer RCCG, so she is the second oldest inspiration I have. My Grandma was the nicest person I know and she’s very funny. Her zeal to care and ensure everything goes well is amazing and lest i forget mehn she is an expert with newborn babies! I celebrate this woman this week! always!

Let me quickly share our phone interview on mother’s day 2016;


Temi: Good morning Mama, I am pleased to have you on here. This talk is basically to inspire others like you inspire me- So first please tell us your full name

Grandma: “Emike (my native name; My mum is Edo) na you wan know my full name” – meaning “is it you Temi that wants to know my full name?”

Temi: Yes ma

Grandma: My baptismal name is Mary and my native name is Atosime (means Nobody knows my destiny except God)

Temi: Okay ma; so tell us about your origin?

Grandma: I am from Wepa, Edo State. My parents were from a royal lineage

Temi: How many languages can you speak?

Grandma: 3 – Edo, Small Yoruba and English

Temi: What were you or are you presently doing?

Grandma: Business and work. ( She had her own venture ish)

Temi: I know a lot of people commend your skills with babies, how did you come about the skill?

Grandma: From my mother

Temi: What has helped you to become all you are today?

Grandma: Leaning on God and keeping to all my mother taught me

Temi: So what advice do you have for young ones out there?

Grandma: Receive, believe God and serve Him. Have patience in all you do because there is nothing patience cannot do. Stay in the truth and don’t fight and don’t commit adultery. Be contented with what you have and stop being attracted by other people’s possessions. Pray to God if you want it and don’t be envious or hate on  the person. Lastly as a wife ensure you are doing something to assist your husband in training your children.

Temi: So thank you for  your time mama. I love you. Mwuahhh!

Grandma: Mwuahhh…. (Lol we actually end almost our calls like this)

That’s it guys! I hope you gained something from reading this. *Note: how important mothers are. God bless our mothers.



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