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Is Hearing from God difficult?


Sometime, I was discussing with a friend about a decision I made based on the answer I got from God and then she was like “you mean God speaks to you verbally”. I then went on to explain all the ways I had for sure heard from God. When I was done, I shook my head at myself and I asked myself “Is hearing from God actually difficult or do we humans just make it complicated?” and of course the answer was right there.

Hearing from God is certainly not difficult but we humans make it complicated because the different ways God chooses to talk to us may not conform to the imaginations we have in our head. I shook my head at myself because I always pray “God speak to me, I need your direction” and sure enough I have an idea of how I want the answer to come or a specific way I want God to speak to me but I noticed most times the response never comes in a way I imagine and I almost miss the answer. Sometimes I probably have missed the answer just because I was looking for something spectacular.

I know most people also think there has to be some robotics and spectacular environment or occurrence before God can speak but nope! It’s not like that. You have to learn not to dictate or preconceive a way God speaks to you. Learn to go with His method. Now my prayer is “God, I don’t care what way you want to speak with me, just help me recognize that it is You.”

I just want you to realize God is willing to speak to you as His child and He definitely wants you to recognize His voice. So carefully reflect on the times you for sure have heard from God and you may be able to pick up how he talks to you. Don’t overthink it but be expectant to hear Him even in the most seemingly insignificant way. Be sure to also spend time with Him daily by worshipping and reading His word and writing down your thoughts (John 10:3-4).  Also pray in the spirit – for me I’m more in tune to hear clearly then.

Lastly, most times we also dismiss God’s voice because it’s not the answer we had hoped to get. We have to discipline ourselves to not just hear but to obey as well. This would help us a great deal. I pray for you reading this, that God opens your ears and helps you recognize His voice regardless of the means through which He speaks. I pray He also grants you grace and faith to obey HIM.

Let me know your thoughts too on this topic.

Keep living the Victorious life and God bless you!


2 thoughts on “Is Hearing from God difficult?”

  1. You speak the truth… Our talks to us in different could be through dreams..visions..meditations…anything… We just gotta listen

    Sometimes I get some thoughts in my head even see things in my dream or specific message… Sometimes understanding it is just difficult just for me……
    Just had a dream after my nap and do not know what it means.. This just happened this night and I said “Father I know it means something but what is it”… It was on my mind before I stumbled on your post

    Any help on how I can understand it??

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