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God is not MAD at you


Well maybe you have thought of something along this line before or at some point asked yourself if God was angry at you.

This was basically me a couple of weeks ago mainly because I wasn’t spending quality time with God as a result of “other duties” and I kept procrastinating and eventually missing out on my meeting times with Him. My thought process the whole time was that God was disappointed in me and I didn’t know how to approach Him. So one day on my way to a public library, I was thinking about it, asking for forgiveness and strength and the words that came to mind were My Daddy loves me, My Daddy knows and sees my struggles, My Daddy can literally relate and My Daddy cares (I actually shed a few drops at this point; I will gist you about it so just keep reading). Anyway, when I got to my destination, I just saw this book by Joyce Meyer and the title right there definitely answered my quiet question…. “GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU!”. Talk about such perfect timing!

I then picked up the book, went through a few pages and here’s what I  learnt/was reminded of

  • God’s Love: His unconditional love for me that is not earned by what I do nor does it diminish by what I don’t do. He loves me for me but takes no delight in sin. Note; This doesn’t mean He is not a disciplinarian, remember a father disciplines the child whom he loves.
  • Run to Him and not from Him because His arms are always wide open. He wants to listen to you talk about everything yes like everything you could possibly rant about, even your laziness to pray or study His word because all these show your weakness and the need to depend on the Holy Spirit.

So back to my gist, knowing that My Daddy cares and accepted me with all my shortcomings led to those tears of joy because I had been wondering how to approach Him when all I needed to do was acknowledge my weakness and come back home.

The devil was trying to mess with my thoughts and feelings but God’s word says “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden… [Heavy-laden with guilt, sorrow, feelings of inadequacy, financial burdens, anything that could possibly cause you to worry] , and here comes my favorite part …and I will give you Rest”

So if like me you have felt this way, presently feel this way or may feel this way in future, I just want you to always remember there’s an open invitation to come back home and trust me GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU. I repeat it again GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU.


With love,



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