Hello people,

I just found something I wrote earlier this year while expressing my thanks to God. I encourage you to find time to think of all God has done and thank Him for every litte thing that deep down you know is a privilege not a right. Remember a thinker is a thanker.

P.s: I tried not to edit it. Hopefully you feel my expressions!! God bless you

Jan 30, 2016 (the date I wrote it)

It’s all about thanksgiving. God, I just want to say thank you. For life, for you finding me and choosing me, for you putting me in a family that knows you Jesus, for helping me respond to your call on my life, for food, for provision for sustenance. For the dimples, for my height, for my smile, for my brain, for you redeeming me by your hand. For you dying on the cross of Calvary. For you saving me from eternal doom, for you giving me family members that are still alive and know you. For what you have done, what you are yet to do, what you are doing. God I give you praise even the ones I’m still trusting you for, I know you will do. You are the almighty God; one who is more than sufficient, helper of the helpless, mother to the motherless, father of the fatherless, keeper, deliverer and giver of eternal hope… Helper, Saviour, Maker of the universe. YOU alone deserve glory glory glory. You make the heavens your throne and earth your footstool, a thousand years is but a day to you Lord, you are beyond my description. I have not met you but I am “over” convicted of your existence. You delivered me form premature death; you steady me constantly along your river of life. BABA you are too excellent. Thank you for my mum, my dad, for life, for no disease, for divine healing and good health, for comfort in this world, for the battles you fight that I am not aware of. For the people you sent to warn me of danger, for opening my eyes and liberating me form the seemingly shackles of sin, God I am eternally grateful; OH indeed like the psalmist I say: Bless the Lord oh my soul, and forget not His benefits. I love you Lord, you first loved me, thought ahead and saw how much I needed salvation. God you are too much. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. For the holy spirit, for men of God you have raised that ginger me and let me know I have to know this God more, For your words of life….Lord for everything the air I breathe, I am not sick oh Lord I adore you. Help me to thank you all of the days of my life, to worship and adore you, to dwell in your house, to ohhhh…. Count your blessings Temiloluwa and name them one by one. For reconciliation with friends, for prayer requests answered in due time at just the right moment. Glory to you Lord!! Be thou exalted Jesus. Thank you Thank you Thank you for even grace to fast, grace to bless lives, to hear from you, to understand you, For you condescending to my level; me a mere mortal and loving me and deciding to fellowship with me, much more to dwell in me and direct the affairs of my life. Father please accept my thanks today. Forgive my iniquities, help me to renew my mind, teach me to do your will at all times and lift me up above all my adversaries. Thank you Jesus, Thank you for willingly dying on my behalf, carrying my iniquities and my pain and my troubles, giving me your light burden in exchange for mine that’s heavy and asking me to learn of you as well as engraving me in your palms. Your eyes watching over me. Thank you for your unconditional love that is mind-blowing. Thank you Lord!

Go ahead and write your thank you letter or say your thanksgiving prayer…….:)


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